Appearance and structure, cross-section surface, consistency, smell, taste, foreign /visible/ impurities


Energy value

Active acidity (pH)

Titrable (free acidity)

Water content/dry matter; Moisture

Fat content (crude fat) - extractive

Protein content (protein, crude protein, nitrogen, soluble nitrogen, pepsin-soluble protein)

Sugars content - lactose

Carbohydrates content

Starch content (starch)

Raw cellulose (fiber) content

Raw cellulose (fiber) content(АDF)and lignins ADL

Crude cellulose content (fibers) – neutral detergent fibers(aNDF)

Ash content – ash

Table salt content /sodium chloride

Content of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

Sodium hydroxide residues content

Chlorine residues content

Testing for presence of epihydrin aldehyde through Kreis reaction (Fat rancidity)

Vegetable fats presence in milk fat through Bélier reaction

Determination of peroxide value

Benzoic acid content

Potassium sorbate content

Sulfur dioxide content (total and free)

Soy protein content

Barium ions content

Boron content

Sulphates content

Phosphates contenт

Aflatoxin B1 content

Aflatoxin B and G content

Aflatoxin M1 content

Deoxynivalenol /DON/ content

Zearalenone content

Ochratoxin content

Т2 and НТ-2- toxin content

Fumonisin В1 and В2 content

Ammonia content according to Nessler method

Ammonia content according to Eber’s test

Hydrogen sulphide

Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) content

Urea content

Connective tissue protein (hydroxyproline) content

Histamine content

Proportional content of ingredients

Net weight determination

Carbamide content (urease activity)

Gossypol content (glucoside from cottonseed)

Activity of trypsin inhibitors

Nitrogen-free extract substances /NFES/ content

Monensin content

Ethoxyquin/santoquin content

Presence of organophosphorous pesticides

Aluminum content

Antimony content

Arsenic content

Iron content

Mercury content

Iodine content

Cadmium content

Tin content

Potassium content

Calcium content

Magnesium content

Manganese content

Copper content

Molibden content

Sodium content

Nickel content

Nitrates content

Nitrites content

Lead content

Selenium content

Phospohorus content

Chromium content

Zinc content

Cyanides content

Content of pesticide: Chlororganic Phosphororganic Nitrogen and sulfur-containing

Colorings content: Yellow, Red, Blue

Vitamin content:

А (retinol)

А (beta-carotine)

В1 (thiamine)

В2 (riboflavin)

В3 (niacin)

В5 (pantothenic acid)

В6 (pyridoxine)

В7 (biotin/vitamin Н)

В9 (фолна acid)

С (ascorbic acid)

D (D2 ergocalciferol)

D (D3 colecalciferol)

Е (tocopherols)

К (phytomenadione)

Content of saturated fatty acids

Content of unsaturated fatty acids

Sweeteners content:

acesulfame К




Neohesperidine content (NHDC)

Content of polychlorinated biphenyls

Horizontal method for the determination of low numbers of presumptive Bacillus cereus

Horizontal method for the enumeration of coagulase positive staphylococci (Staphylococcus aureus and other species)

Horizontal method for counting yeasts and molds

Horizontal method for the detection of pathogenic Yersinia enerocolitica

Horizontal method for detection and enumeration of Campylobacter spp.

Horizontal method for the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes